QAC Manager's Statement

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The management literature Describes quality in administration as a philosophy that emphasizes the development of new work culture. It aims to establish a distinctive culture of performance, where managers and staff work on regular basis to perform their tasks," right thing, right way, from the first time", The ultimate goal of this practices will lead to achieve the objectives of the organization , survival and continuity in the market. Quality is an approach to management begins and ends with the customer's satisfaction.

The basic principles of Quality are :

  • Continues efforts to meet the expectations of its customers and going beyond it .
  • The comprehensive improvement and development in all sectors of the organizations.
  • Effective management of resources to achieve the best performance from employees.
  • Eempowering and building up confidence of employees to benefit themselves, organizations , and the community.
  • The commitment of employees in the organizations at all levels.
  • Adopt teamwork to achieve the goals of the organizations.
  • Self motivation and perfection in work, which is urged by our religion Islam through the Hadith: Aisha said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:" God loves you when things are done well" . [Narrated by al-Bayhaqi]. We in Saudi Arabia Branch at Arab Open University are keen to apply the principles of quality management in our daily practices.

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