Training Department

The Department of Training, Development and Community Service (DTDCS), and its subsidiary units and centers in all of the eight branches of AOU, do work on investing being  part of The “Arab Open University (AOU) to provide various training, consultations and developmental services, where (DTDCS) is generally specialized in achieving training and developmental objectives related to the achievement of the AOU strategic goals, and, hence; designing  and implementing the related training programs that most fit the various needs of AOU and different Arab societies.

The (DTDCS) draws its vision and mission from those of AOU in developing and spreading knowledge, and building expertise according to international quality standards, regardless of time and geography barriers, aiming at contributing to the appropriate preparation of Human Resources necessary for continuing development and growth, that eventually lead to the building of the society of science and knowledge in Arab countries.

Major Tasks and Duties of (DTDCS):

In order to able to achieve its objectives, (DTDCS) is particularly responsible for, and working  on, the achievement  of  the

1. Preparing and Suggesting various policies and guides organizing the training sector in AOU.

2. Conducting various Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for AOU academic and non-academic staff, as well as for its students,
so as to increase the related job knowledge and skills.

3. Communicating  and  collaborating  with  various  organizations to  share  job related problems, needs, plans and various
projects, seeking providing professional assistance in terms of proper consultations.

4. Building  productive partnerships with other Open Universities and specialized Institutes in order to develop  and  improve
AOU’s capabilities  in community  service and  continuing  education,  and to be  enable  AOU keeping  up with  related new
aspects, especially those help in qualifying  professional trainers in various  fields among  academic and  non-academic  staff
through Train Of Trainers (TOT) programs.

5. Focusing on training teachers over all educational levels, especially the early childhood level.

6. Concerning   for  Arab  women  in  general,  and  conducting  training  programs  and  workshops  of their concern, and
encouraging them for effective participation in the growth of their societies.

Major Achievements of (DTDCS):

To be able to efficiently working on the effective achievement of its tasks and duties that will eventually contribute to the achievement of AOU’s strategic goals, the (DTDCS) has accomplished the following:

  1. Preparing and Suggesting the “Guide for Policies and Procedures of Training, Continuing Education and Community Service” of the Arab Open University.
  2. Preparing and Suggesting the “Financial Policy of Training, Continuing Education and Community Service” of the Arab Open University.
  3. Qualifying number of AOU’s staff (academic & non-academic) in TOT.
  4. Establishing the AOU Training Centre in Kuwait and obtaining all related official licenses from:
  • Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.
  • Civil Service Council.
  • Central Agency for Information Technology.
  • Consultants Department-Consultants Selection Committee.

And it continues the attempts to establish similar training centers in all other branches as well.

  1. Contributing to holding various partnership and collaboration agreements with many governmental and non-governmental organizations, inside and outside the State of Kuwait, covering various areas, including training and continuing education.
  2. Joining the Arab Trainers Union as a working accredited training entity overall the Arab World for all of AOU’s branches.
  3. Obtaining the accreditation of PMI (Project Management Institute - USA) as an Authorized agent in conducting the PMP (Project Management Professional) programs in all of AOU’s branches.
  4. Ongoing working on the coordination and unifying of the efforts of all training units and centers over AOU branches so as to be able to provide outstanding training and consultancy services.

And for all of the above, the DTDCS has set the vision and foundations for the proper providing of these services, and as follows:

First: Training Services:

We provide an outstanding training services to our clients to enable them achieving better levels of efficiency and effectiveness, so they can achieve their objectives, which, intern, is positively reflected on their productivity, competitiveness, and profitability. And therefore, we offer bundles of training programs that aim to develop knowledge, competencies, and skills at work environment.

Training approach:

  1. Class training led by the trainer (trainer training).
  2. Personal super visional training(Mentoring Training).
  3. On the Job Training.

Types of training programs:

  1. Public courses
  2. In-house training
  3. Customized Training.

Our training programs:

  1. General Management programs
  2. Strategic Management program
  3. HR Management Program
  4. Quality programs
  5. Accounting & Finance
  6. Educational programs
  7. Teacher Training programs.
  8. Self-Development programs
  9. Statistical programs
  10. Project Management programs
  11. Sales & Marketing programs
  12. Warehousing 
  13. Computer and IT
  14. Languages programs
  15. Scientific research programs
  16. Banking programs
  17. Insurance programs


We provide our training services through an elite of outstanding trainers, represented in:

  1. Remarkable professors spreading overall the AOU branches, who have various distinguished experiences.
  2. Expert AOU employees in HQ and branches
  3. Local and Regional outstanding trainers, particularly from countries where AOU has branches.
  4. Outstanding International Experts.

Training Strategy and Methods:

We choose the appropriate training strategy depending on thorough analysis of the labor market needs, so we can achieve the most efficient and effective strategy that contribute to achieving the set training objectives through the extensive concern in choosing the theoretical and applied contents, trainers, venue and related training equipment, training materials, and setting costs.

We use different training methods and styles that most convenient for training objectives, accompanied with related training needs that can lead to the best presentation, such as:

  • Discussion groups,
  • Training games,
  • Team work,
  • Problem solving,
  • Directed lecturer,
  • Directed discussion ,
  • Role playing,
  • Brain storming,
  • Audio-visuals,
  • Case studies,
  • Different presentation tools.


We hold training in our training rooms available in HQ and all of our branches over various Arab countries. However it is possible to hold them at customers venues, hotels, or any convenient place can be agreed upon.

Second: Consultancy Services:

We have a professional of academic business partitioned experts, who provide professional consultancy to our clients so they can run their business within a proper contemporary and simplified manner, through providing them analytical realistic studies, and profound field researches, accompanied with various scenarios for solutions and treatments for clients problems , through which they can achieve their goals, with high consideration of the general rules for increasing productivity and profitability, improving the quality of products and services, and increasing the levels of employee motivation , and hence job satisfaction which intern, lead to increase the competence of the clients, lowering their operational costs , developing and improving organizational environment.

Partnerships and Professional Memberships:

  1. The strategic partnership with Open University AO-UK, represented in teaching some of its academic programs by AOU, and as a result, our students get two certificates, one from AOU and the other from OU-UK.
  2. Accreditation of our business program by the American Society for Academic Accreditation.
  3. Accreditation of Microsoft Academic and Training Programs.
  4. Membership of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI).
  5. Membership of the International Council for Open and Distance Learning, (ICDE ).
  6. Membership of the Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities (ACTSAU).
  7. Membership of the Association of Arab Universities (AARU).
  8. Membership of the Arab Trainers Union.
  9. Collaboration agreement with the Saudi Council for green buildings in training.
  10. Collaboration with the general council of Islamic Banks and financial organizations – Bahrain, in Training.
  11. Collaboration with Queen Rania Academy for Teacher’s training.
  12. Continuing Collaboration with some others eminent organizations in the field of training like Athabasca University – Canada, and Open University-UK, where some of their Professors provide training programs and workshops for AOU.

Some Achievements in Training, Continuing Education & Community Service through 2012 - 2015

Branch Academic Year Academic Staff Non-academic Staff AOU Students Total
Kuwiat 2012 - 2015 9 5 71 85
KSA 2012 - 2015 6 6 7 19
Jordan 2012 - 2015 12 4 10 26
Oman 2012 - 2015 3 4 16 23
Lebanon 2012 - 2015 10 3 10 23
Bahrain 2012 - 2015 5 - 3 8
Egypt 2012 - 2015 4 5 9 18
Sudan 2012 - 2015 1 1 - 2
Overall Activities 50 28 126 204

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