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 9.  Academic Degrees Offered at the AOU

AOU comprises five faculties: Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Computer Studies, Faculty of Education Studies, Faculty of General Studies, and Faculty of Language Studies, four of which have their programmes validated by the OU UK. However, only some of the Faculty of Education Studies programmes are partially validated by the OU UK. These programmes are:

·         Bachelor degree in Business Studies (Systems, Economics, Marketing, Accounting).( BA (Honours) in Business Studies Programme)

·         Bachelor degree in Information Technology and Computing, Information and Communications Technology, Computing, Computing with Business(BSc (Honours) in Information Technology and Computing (ITC))

·         Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, English Language and Literature with Business Studies(BA (Honours) in English Language and Literature)

·         Bachelor of Education (BEd) for Intermediate and Secondary Stages.

It should be noted that the OU UK follows the credit points system. However, the AOU follows the credit hour system. The following table shows the credit point/credit hour equivalence:

Credit Hours

Credit Points