Getting Started

8. English Language Courses Offered at the AOU

The undergraduate programmes based on courses licensed from the OU UK are taught in English.  Therefore, the AOU has developed a number of language competency courses. These courses, which are not validated by the OU UK, are delivered by the Faculty of Language Studies (FLS)  and are aimed at developing the students' proficiency in English. Currently the AOU offers the following five courses:

·         The English Orientation Programme (EOP) comprises three non-credit courses (EL097, EL098 and EL099), which target students with low levels of proficiency.

·         The English Communication Skills Programme (ECS) 1, and 2, comprises two three-credit hour courses of compulsory university requirements: EL111 and EL112

      8.1  Course Assignment

Prospective students are assigned to the above courses on the basis of their scores in the English Placement Test (Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT)) .Five levels of English integrated skills courses are available to incoming students:

1.   EL097  Beginner

2.   EL098   Elementary

3.   EL099   Pre-Intermediate

4.   EL111   Intermediate

5.   EL112   Upper-Intermediate 


      8.2  Course Details

·         The programme offers significant face-to-face interaction at each level as language skills development is best done by direct contact between the student and the tutor

·         Four two-hour tutorials are assigned weekly in each level of the English Orientation Programme

·         Credit courses have a total of 32 contact hours a semester (a two-hour tutorial per week)

·         Students registered in the first, second, or third levels of the programme are not permitted to study more than two courses during the semester.


8. 3  Exemption from Foundation Programme Courses (EL111 and EL112)

A student will be exempted from EL111 if he/she gets an IELTS score of band 5.5 and below 7, or a score of 500 to 549 in TOEFL completed within 2 years prior to admission to the University.

A student will be exempted from EL112 if he/she gets an IELTS score of 7 or above or a TOEFL score of 550 or above, completed within 2 years prior to admission to the University.