07 Jun 2016

Al-Humoud Congratulates GSSC Graduates .

Al-Humoud Congratulates GSSC Graduates


Prof. Moudi Al-Humoud, President of the Arab Open University (AOU), congratulated the graduates of the General Secondary School Certificate (GSSC) for the year 2015/2016, wishing them all success, good luck and progress in their educational life and hoping they obtain higher education certificates and contribute to building their countries. She also extended her gratitude and appreciation to all students’ parents and teaching and administrative staff of all schools of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait for their support and assistance to their students who were able to achieve best results. She also wished good luck to the students who were not able to pass this year.

This came in a press statement on the occasion of the announcement of GSSC results. Al-Humoud considered these results excellent and satisfactory to all students and all who work in the sector of private and public education. She also said ‘It pleases me that the results have come in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, May Allah return this month with our dear country and the whole Arab and Islamic nation blessed with surplus good and blessing. This occasion gives another flavor for the happiness of students and their parents in their success.’

Al-Humoud stressed on the importance of graduates’ choice of suitable academic majors that meet their desires, labor market requirements and development plans as well as the comprehensive development in Kuwait.

Al-Humoud added that the AOU is keen on admitting all GSSC graduates who fulfill conditions of the University and competent authorities in Kuwait or in other branch countries, pointing out the AOU is an educational non-profit project spreading in nine Arab countries and its headquarters is based in Kuwait.

She noted that depending on the partnership with the Open University in UK, the AOU adopts a high quality and diverse blended learning system, combining traditional learning, self-learning and e-learning, adding this system suits students' capabilities and circumstances and allows students to attend their lectures flexibly.

The AOU degrees are equal to others awarded by Arab and international universities and accredited by official accreditation authorities in branch countries and by other international programmatic and institutional accreditation bodies, said Al-Humoud, adding the AOU offers a range of academic programs taught in English such as B.A. programme in English Language and Literature, B.Sc. Programme in Information Technology and Computing, B.A. Programme in Business Studies, while there are diplomas and master's programs in education taught in Arabic at some AOU branches. She added that AOU graduates obtain two certificates, one from (AOU) and another from (OU-UK).