20 Apr 2016

4th Arab Women Awards Kuwait 2016 honors Prof. Moudi Al-Humoud

4th Arab Women

Prof. Moudi Al-Humoud was announced a winner of the fourth Arab Women Awards Kuwait 2016 in recognition of her efforts and her effective role in the educational field in Kuwait and the Arab world. This year’s award winners were chosen by a board of judges including Sheikh Mubarak Fahad Al-Salem Al-Sabah, Dr. Labiba Temmim, Sheikha Souad Jaber Al Sabah, and Hello! Arabia Editor Gina Tadros. The Arab Woman Awards are to recognize successful women in business, education, entrepreneurship, media, government, literature, and other fields. The awards have become a powerful platform for recognizing role models for a new generation of young women.

After the ceremony, Al-Humoud expressed her gratitude to the chairperson and the board of judges as well as all organizers of this ceremony for this honor.She said, “This honoring makes me take double responsibility for serving our beloved country and the Arab world in the field of education in particular.”

She emphasized that this award is an honor to the Kuwaiti woman who has proved her practical and educational qualifications and capabilities, as she has achieved excellent presence in various areas of academic and practical life. Al-Humoud pointed out this honor is an acknowledge to all women, who dedicated their life and time to serve knowledge and education, and it is a fulfillment to the Kuwaiti and Arab women who have a great role in building the society and its advancement. She added this award is also a motivation to make them give more and more in development and bringing up new generations.

Professor Al-Humoud holds a PhD in business administration from the City of London University (UK), an MBA in business administration and management from North Texas State University (USA) and a bachelor’s degree in business administration with honors from Kuwait University. She has coauthored two textbooks on administration in the public and private spheres and authored or coauthored a dozen papers.

She started her working and academic life as an assistant professor in the business administration department of the College of Commerce, Economics, and Political Sciences at Kuwait University. Then, she became dean of the college before becoming Kuwait University’s vice president for planning.She served as president of the Arab Open University from 2004 to 2008 before moving into government as minister of state for housing affairs and minister of state for administrative development, and then subsequently minister of education and minister of higher education. Then, Professor Moudi A. Al-Humoud became the president of the Arab Open University in January of 2013 after a long career at the most senior level of government and academia.