14 Apr 2016

Al-Humoud: AOU is committed to apply accreditation requirements and quality standards

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Prof. Moudi Al-Humoud, President of the Arab Open University (AOU), emphasized the AOU commitment to apply accreditation requirements and quality standards to offer highly qualitative education, which is consistent with laws and regulations applicable in the Arab world and keeps up with all international accelerated technological and scientific developments.
  In a press statement on the sidelines of the conclusion of the 1st Coordination Meeting of the Open & Distant Learning Institutions recently held in Jordan, Al-Humoud pointed out, “AOU takes pride of its achievements and its keenness to be a pioneering in the blended learning approach, which is offered in its eight branches operating in a number of Arab countries, including Kuwait.”
  The meeting recommended to strive to establish an Arab accreditation and quality body for open and distant learning and emphasize the academic commitment to ways of assessment and examination, and criteria of research papers, projects and assignments in addition to abide by governance systems and requirements of higher education ministries in each country in order to ensure accountability and transparency. The meeting also recommended to strengthen the concept of open and distant learning in Arab communities and disseminate its requirements through available channels.