27 Jun 2018

Al-Zakri announces 2nd semester final results of all AOU students

الاستاذ الدكتور محمد الزكري


Prof. Mohammad bin Ibrahim Al-Zakri, President of the Arab Open University (AOU), approved on Wednesday the final exam results for the second semester of the academic year 2017-2018 of all students of the AOU branches, which operate in a number of  Arab countries. At the end of a meeting held between the chairman and the members of the Central Examination Committee (CEC) and the external examiners from the UK, Al-Zakri announced the results, which are available  on the website of the University as students can check their results by entering their student number.

On behalf of Chairman of the AOU Board of Trustees, HRH Prince Talal bin Abdualziz, all the members of the Board, the management of the AOU and its faculty and staff, Al-Zakri expressed his congratulations to all students who passed the exams and graduates, and their parents and he wished them more success and progress in their academic and working life.

On his part, Prof. Naif Al-Mutairi, Chairman of CEC, and Vice President for Academic Affairs, said that the final approval of all the results came after a series of meetings held between CEC and the external examiners . During the meetings held in Kuwait, samples of students’ exam scripts were reviewed, and the reports of examination committees were discussed; in addition, the entered grades were reviewed in order to ensure the quality of marking criteria that are standardized in all the AOU branches.

Al-Mutairi said that the overall results are satisfactory and clearly reflect the actual capabilities of students. He pointed out the AOU Senior Management, at all levels, and are very proud of their students and constantly work to provide them with appropriate atmosphere and facilities that help them to achieve the best results. He also said that the AOU is committed to all regulations and laws applicable in the AOU host countries, and complies with the requirements and conditions of official accreditation bodies.