26 Jun 2018

External Examiners from UK visit AOU to ensure Quality

الاستاذ الدكتور نايف المطيري والدكتور محمد السيد مستقبلا رئيس الوفد البريطاني

A delegation from the Open University (OU), the UK’s largest academic institution, including external examiners visited the Arab Open University (AOU) in Kuwait to review and ensure the application of quality standards in order to approve the results of the second semester of the academic year 2017/2018 of all students of the AOU branches that operate in nine Arab countries.

الوفد البريطاني مع اساتذة برنامج إدارة الاعمال

On the sidelines of the visit, Prof. Naif Al Mutairi, Director of the Arab Open University (AOU) in Kuwait and Vice President for Academic Affairs, emphasized the AOU’s commitment to all the requirements and conditions of the local and British quality and accreditation bodies in accordance with the strategic partnership between OU and AOU. He added that AOU complies with all the procedures and preparations necessary to enable it to continue its excellence and to maintain its accreditation by the local and international accreditation bodies, including the British quality and accreditation institutions.

الوفد البريطاني مع استاذة تقنية المعلومات والحوسبة

Among these procedures is the constant scrutiny of the AOU examinations by external examiners in order to ensure the application of all standards set by institutions of quality standards and academic and institutional accreditation in the UK, Al Mutairi added. In addition, he pointed out that the AOU graduates obtain two accredited degrees, one from AOU in the branch country, and another one from OU.

الوفد البريطاني مع اعضاء هيئة التدريس في برنامج الأدب الانجليزي

The delegation held meetings with the faculty members of different programmes and listened to their explanation of the study system, their culture about quality, their knowledge of course specifications, the training courses received, and the efforts of the University in research and community service.  They also met a number of students at the University to know about several matters such as the nature of the courses, the availability of books and references, the teaching methodology, and the examination system.

الوفد مع بعض الطلبة

Then, the University hosted a dinner in honor of the delegation at the Horizon Restaurant in Kuwait Towers in presence of the AOU President, Prof. Mohammad Al-Zakri, Prof. Naif Al Mutairi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Prof. Ashraf Hussein, Vice President for Information Technology and Learning in addition to presence of AOU Deans and General Course Coordinators. During the dinner, the delegation expressed their satisfaction with the outstanding level of the AOU faculty members and the AOU students, wishing success and development to AOU and its students.

الوفد البريطاني مع د.نايف في مطعم الافق في الابراج