17 Dec 2017

AOU Training Center concludes the 15th PMP workshop

مركز التدريب بي ام بي

Dr. Sami Khalifa, Manager of the Training Center of the Arab Open University, stressed the importance of training workshops that the Center is organizing for the public and private sectors, and the value of information and training services that the Center is offering to raise the performance efficiency of the trainees, who are provided with necessary knowledge that enables them to achieve their work’s vision and mission. Therefore, this will positively be reflected by the performance level of offered services.

This came at the end of the workshop entitled Project Management Professional (PMP) organized from 11 November 2017 to 11 December 2017 for the 15th time in the participation of 13 trainees. The workshop was delivered by Mr. Ehab Shaban at the Training Center – AOU – Ardyia. 


Dr. Khalifa also said that the Center provides trainees with professional certificates of an international value, which enable them to be accredited and professional trainers in various work sectors inside and outside Kuwait. He pointed that all the workshops offered by the Center come within the training plan of the Center and the requirements of partners, individuals, and labor markets. 

Finally, in the presence of Mr. Shaban, Dr. Khalifa handed the trainees their certificates, expressing his gratitude for their efforts during the workshop and wishing them success.



During the lecture, Mr. Shaban addressed a number of topics including the general framework, schedule, communication plan, procurement, stakeholders, and project integrity management.