13 Nov 2017

Prof. Al-Humoud Honors Winners of Excellence Administrative Award

The President of the Arab Open University (AOU), Prof. Moudhi Al-Humoud expressed her sincere congratulations to the winners of the Excellence Administrative Award for the academic year 2016-2017 at the level of the University headquarters and the eight branches operating in a number of Arab countries.

Prof. Al-Humoud expressed her gratitude and appreciation to all AOU members, including administrators, students, and faculty members, for their great efforts and their dedication to the University, which had a positive impact on the development of the University.

During a special ceremony organized by the Sector of Planning, Research and Development at AOU, Al-Humoud said, “It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the efforts of all AOU staff who take the responsibility for following up the application of all standards of quality and performance; thereby contributing to the increase in the University’s competitiveness, and its optimal investment in human resources, and the improvement of its outcomes. This is in line with the AOU strategic planning that aims to achieve the vision of the founder of the University, HRH Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz.”

She pointed out the award mainly aims to encourage the competitiveness among the AOU staff in their work, and to motivate them to win the award in the coming years, underlining that this award does not denote that the only winners work hard in the University since it possesses highly and professionally qualified administrative cadres who deserve appreciation and honoring in the future.

On his part, Prof. Mustapha Achoui, Vice President for Planning, Research and Development Affairs, thanked Prof. Al-Humoud for her patronage and attendance of this honoring ceremony. He pointed out that the award aimed at developing the skills and abilities of the employees in the various administrative departments in the University and motivating them to exert maximum efforts in order to improve the work.

He said that all the nominees were subject to the standards of excellence adopted by the University, and a special committee headed by Vice President for Planning, Research and Development studied their applications. The committee comprises the Director of Human Resources Department Amani Al-Hafiti and the Assistant Professor in the Deanship of Academic Programs in Education Dr. Iman Shafiq.

In her turn, the Director of Human Resources Department at the University, Amani Al-Hafiti praised the excellent performance of the award winners and all the efforts of the University's staff.

At the end of the ceremony, the winners of the award stressed the importance of honoring the University to them, which is a great motivation for them and for all the employees of the University to exert further efforts.

The award winner, Nayef Al-Fadhli, Marketing Officer at the AOU Training Center, expressed his happiness, appreciation, and pride of this honor.He expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Chairman and members of the Committee, and to his colleagues who nominated him for the award. The winner, Lamis Aman, Human Resources Specialist, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the University for this gesture, which will be a qualitative and moral incentive for the honorees and motivation for the rest of colleagues, wishing success and satisfaction to all.


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