02 Nov 2017

Academic Integrity Seminar to be held Monday at AOU


     The Sector of Education and Information Technology at the Arab Open University (AOU) in cooperation with Turnitin (Plagiarism Checker) and Techknoweldge will hold a seminar on “Academic Integrity” on Monday, 6 November 2017, at Qutaiba Al-Ghanim Theatre, AOU – Kuwait.

     Academic experts as well as Turnitin representatives will attend the seminar, which will address a number of issues faced by educational institutions in terms of academic integrity, potential scientific solutions, whether preventative or corrective, and the role of technology in operationalizing these solutions through Turnitin. The Turnitin representatives will showcase the software features and its recent updates in checking plagiarism from various information resources.

     During the event, a lecture will be delivered on the experience of the AOU in dealing with academic integrity issues, challenges faced by the University in this regard, the policies and procedures adopted by the University to urge its students to preserve academic integrity, and the role of technology as one of the main pillars that support the student life cycle. In addition, the lecture will shed light on the AOU research and development activities in this area.

     This seminar is one of the initiatives taken by the Sector of Education and Information Technology to implement one of its goals set to keep pace with the development in education and information technology, thereby contributing remarkably and efficiently to the quality of educational services offered by the AOU.