12 Oct 2017

AOU Training Center organizes Seminar on Russian language


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Dr. Nasser Al-Kandari stressed the importance of learning foreign languages, including Russian as one of the six official languages of the United Nations and one of the major mother tongues in Europe.
This came in a seminar entitled “Introduction to learning the Russian language for beginners” organized by the Training Center of the Arab Open University (AOU) in Ardiyah, Kuwait. The seminar aimed at introducing the Russian language for those wishing to continue their university study in one of the Russian speaking countries or those who are interested in learning about the Russian language and culture. 
At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Al-Kandari said that the Russian language is of political importance as there is an increasing demand from Arab students to learn it because of its significance at the recent time, as well as there are many work fields requiring people speaking Russian. 
He pointed out that Russian belongs to East Slavic languages, which include Ukrainian and Biurus, adding the Russian language is the language of poetry and literature as well as the language in which the masterpieces of world literature was written. 
He stressed that learning the Russian language or other languages is now much easier than before, pointing to the variety of sources of education, whether through institutions and centers of languages or through e-learning sites.
He said that mastering the Russian language gives learners the ability to learn about one of the most ancient cultures in the world, and provides the companies and institutions that have commercial ties with Russia with the opportunity to grow their business. 
At the end of the meeting, he said that the Center continues to organize language-learning courses, including the Russian language for beginners, which is two levels, each one consists of eight lessons (40 academic hours). The learners will be introduced to the alphabet, greeting, gender names, pronouns, verbs, numbers and other lessons that enable them to learn the basics of this language and learn how to pronounce, read and write letters.