19 Sep 2017

Prof. Ebeid: AOU grants Scholarships to Hospital 57357 students

Prof. Abdel Hai Ebeid, Director of the Arab Open University- Egypt Branch, announced that AOU granted scholarships to the students of Hospital 57357, who have not got a scholarship to alleviate their cancer suffering.
On the occasion of the ceremony that was held in the Hospital for the success of its high school students, Prof. Ebeid told Al-Gomhuria Online that the reason of the scholarships is that the AOU management and the Board Trustees chairman, HRH Prince Talal bin Abdal Aziz, have a sense of the necessity of community involvement and interaction with all community students.
It is worthy mentioning that the AOU has a partnership agreement with the Open University (OU) in the UK. Therefore, under this agreement, the OU programs are delivered in Egypt and the graduates are granted two certificates, one from the OU-UK and the other one from the AOU-Egypt.