06 Jul 2017

Prof Al-Humoud confirms AOU final results of 2nd semester

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Prof. Moudi Al-Humoud, President of the Arab Open University (AOU) confirmed on Thursday the final exam results for the second semester of the academic year 2016-2017 of all students of the AOU branches, which operate in eight Arab countries. Al-Humoud announced that the results are available on the website of the University as students can check their results by entering their student number.

In a press release, Al-Humoud said that the adoption of results came after a series of procedures and approvals conducted by the Central Examination Committee (CEC), the examination subcommittees, and 22 external examiners from the Open University, pointing to the external examiners’ commendation for the high level of students’ performance that reflects the high quality of AOU programs.

Al-Humoud also pointed to the importance of the committees’ work and their adoption of the results of four majors of bachelor’s degrees in the English Language, Business Administration, Information Technology, and Education in addition to the results of Master’s degree in Education.

Al-Humoud said, ‘On behalf of all the members of the AOU Trustees Board and all the AOU staff, I offer my congratulations to all students who passed the exams and wish them more success and progress in their academic and working life.’ Al-Humoud also expressed her appreciation for their efforts and their parents’ efforts, and thanked the members of the Central Examination Committee and of the examination subcommittees as well as all academic and administrative staff, faculty members and proctors for their efforts in providing students with a suitable atmosphere for examination in accordance with a set of procedures that ensure credibility and objectivity.

Al-Humoud concluded by emphasizing that the AOU is proud of its students for their achievements, whether in their final exam results, or in their results of graduation projects, university proficiency exams, and scientific competitions, adding this reflects their abilities and competitiveness in achieving the best results for them and their university.