08 May 2017

AOU Training Center organizes Russian language course

Dr. Al-Ansari: Learning new language needs desire, will and continuing practice


دكتور محمد الأنصاري

The Arab Open University Training Center held a Russian language course for beginners lectured by Dr. Mohammed Issa Al-Ansari.A number of those wishing to learn the Russian language from inside and outside the university and from different age and educational levels participated in the course. During the course, the trainer addressed a set of lessons for learning Russian letters, sounds, numbers and grammatical structures.

On the sidelines of this first level course, Dr. Al-Ansari said that the course aimed to enable the participants to obtain a certain level of knowledge of Russian language skills, such as writing, reading, and speaking. He added, “Learning a new language opens up a new horizon for learners on new cultures”, pointing out “learning any language is not easy, but it requires desire, will, concentration and determination, and to continue practicing what was learned in the course.” He added that the AOU Training Center is looking forward to continuing to offer different levels of Russian language courses in the future, stressing the keenness of the Center to provide the best learning opportunities for the participants in the courses organized by the Center, and to expand their knowledge and culture.

In addition, the participants expressed their admiration for what the lecturer presented and for his teaching methods used during the course. On her part, Judd Mohammed, a student from the AOU in Kuwait, said that she joined the course to learn the principles of the Russian language to continue her studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Ukraine. Engineer Adnan Khalid said that he had a personal desire to learn the Russian language and the university's center met his desire. Mr. Sayer Al-Rashed, one of the staff of the Amiri Diwan, stressed the importance of the course in terms of his job duties and his need to learn the Russian language for communicating with others, especially the guests of the State of Kuwait from the Russian-speaking countries.Engineer Ali Al-Shatti expressed his happiness with the course which will enable him to learn the basic principles of the Russian language, especially as he prepares to complete his higher education in one of the Russian-speaking cities in Ukraine. Dr. Nabil Riad, a surgery, said that learning Russian is a personal desire enabling him to communicate with the people of the Russian-speaking countries, and with the people in the scientific conferences and symposia in which he participates, pointing out that the Russian civilization and culture deserve attention.