26 Apr 2017

Dr. Moudhi Al-Humoud honors the AOU Programming Team

pt honoring ceremony
     Prof. Moudhi Al-Humoud, President of the Arab Open University (AOU), honored the programming team of the AOU branch in Kuwait who won second place in the seventh Gulf Programming Contest (GPC), which took place on the campus of Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) on March 22nd and 23rd. There were 51 teams from across the GCC that participated in GPC.
     Upon her receiving the winning team, Al-Humoud expressed her pride and pleasure of the achievement, which was a result of constant efforts paid by the AOU branch in Kuwait toward its students. She thanked the team for their efforts and expressed her gratitude to Dr. Naif Al-Mutiri, Director of the AOU Kuwait branch, Dr. Mohammad Al-Sayed, Head of IT program, and Al-Hussien Ali, Coach of the team, for their support and efforts that led to this achievement.
     Al-Humound stressed that the winning in such a contest is a significant success to the AOU and it is a sign of the high quality of education offered by the AOU to its students. Then, she gave a number of presents to the winning team as a tribute to their efforts, and for encouraging them to continue their great work and win in more and more contests and competitions at the regional and international levels.  
     It is worth mentioning that the programming team of the AOU Kuwait branch also won the first place in the Gulf Programming Contest 2015, which was held at the American University in Dubai. The honoring ceremony was in presence of Dr. Abdullah Alajmi, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs at the AOU Kuwait Branch, Ali Al-Qallaf, Director of the Cultural Relations and Media at the AOU Headquarters, and Dr. Mohammad Al-Sayed, Head of IT program.