19 Mar 2017

In cooperation with the KNG, AOU Training Center holds two workshops on creative thinking and skills of problem-solving and decision-making


      The Training Center of the Arab Open University (AOU) concluded two workshops named (Creative thinking) and (Skills of Problem-Solving and Decision-Making) for the Kuwait National Guard. These two workshops came as a translation to the protocol between the Kuwait National Guard and the Arab Open University. 


    Dr. Ghader Asiri conducted a workshop on the creative thinking. She started with the definition of the creative and innovative thinking, their features, tools, and elements.  Asiri talked about the ways of producing creative ideas, and ways of evaluating and measuring their compatibility when applied.   She also addressed the ways of distinguishing between the creative thinking and the critical thinking, and the four stages of the creative process. 


    Dr. Fayez Al-Fadli delivered the workshop, entitled “Skills of Problem-Solving and Decision-Making”. He addressed the basics of problem-solving through creativity and possible alternatives to solve problems through the traditional styles and the scientific methodology that are based on collaborative work, role-distribution or counseling an expert who helps to find solutions. Then, he talked about the elements of decision making, types of routine and strategic decisions, the factors of supporting decisions; and counseling, creativity, and excellence in problem-solving.  At the end of both workshops, the trainees valued the theoretical and practical content of the workshops. 


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