19 Feb 2017

AOU Training Center holds Workshop on Skills of Dealing with Psychological Pressures



The Arab Open University Training Center in coordination with the Social Development Office organized a workshop entitled Skills of Dealing with Psychological Pressures for the AOU’s staff. The workshop came as an execution to the protocol between the two parties, and it is one of a series of training programs organized by the Center for the employees of the AOU to develop their capabilities and skills in cognitive and profession areas at the workplace and the life in general

Mohamad Al-Khoaja, who addressed the definition of psychological pressures, their types, and symptoms, as well as their behavioral and cognitive effects and their barriers in the course of working productivity, delivered the workshop. Al-Khoaja also pointed to the solutions of psychological pressures, such training on relaxing, meditation, promoting self-security and self-satisfaction, and adapting to responsibilities of working tasks. During the workshop, several exercises were presented in addition to answering many attendees' questions and queries.

At the end of the workshop, the participants expressed their pleasure and admiration for holding such workshops, which the Training Center organizes to achieve its training and developmental objectives in and out of the University in addition to the objectives of the Social Development Office that seeks to enhance the developmental tracks of working sectors in Kuwait