14 Feb 2017

Al-Humoud: AOU is committed to application of local and international quality and accreditation standards

OU delegation 

   The international academic accreditation delegation from the Open University (OU), UK, ended their visit to the Headquarters of the Arab Open University (AOU) and the AOU Kuwait branch. under the strategic partnership between the AOU and the OU, the one-week visit was to ensure the commitment of the AOU to the application of standards of quality and academic accreditation set by accreditation UK institutions.

   The delegation met Prof. Moudi Al-Humoud, President of the AOU, in presence of Prof. Marwan Al-Akaidi, Vice President of the AOU Academic Affairs. The meeting addressed the significance of the strategic partnership of the AOU and the OU, and the AOU’s development and its geographic expansion in eight Arab countries, including Kuwait. 

   During the meeting, Al-Humoud emphasized on the commitment of all AOU work sectors to local and international standards of academic accreditation and quality requirements, highlighting their interest in promoting higher education in the AOU countries and attracting qualified staff and faculty members to make the AOU an excellent and leading university that offers high-quality education and qualified graduates to meet the needs of market labors.

   Al-Akaidi said that the visit  came within a series of visits that the delegation pay to all the AOU branches in order to ensure the AOU's fulfillment of institutional accreditation conditions and quality requirements that are set by the OU and the quality and accreditation centers and institutions in the UK. He pointed out that the delegation also met the AOU deans, academic program coordinators, faculty members, and directors of academic, administrative and financial departments. They toured the building of the Headquarters and the AOU Kuwait branch and their facilities, and discussed various procedures, reports and services related to the AOU's eligibility for re-accreditation that will be next May. 

   At the end of their visit, the delegation hailed the AOU and its development, and valued the academic partnership between the AOU and the OU and the academic and administrative efforts of the AOU.