14 Feb 2017

AOU Training Center organizes workshop on Arts of Relaxing and Overcoming Life Pressures

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The Arab Open University (AOU) Training Center in coordination and cooperation with the Social Development Office in Kuwait conducted a training workshop for the university's staff, entitled Arts of Relaxing and Overcoming Life Pressures delivered by Fatima Al-Rashied in attendance of a number of employees and directors of different work sectors of the AOU Headquarters. 

Al-Rashied addressed many relevant themes, including pressures, ways of impulse control in different situations, means of adaptation to the practical life, and skills of meditation, reassurance, self-peace, and work and life achievement. 

There was a positive interaction and discussion of the possibilities of having psychological flexibility, which is important to encounter life pressures. The workshop also observed discussion of the capability to adapt to inside and outside work stresses, in addition to the solutions of the problems that we face. 

At the end of the workshop, all participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Al-Rashied for the content and authentic examples of the workshop. 

This workshop is one of those workshops that the AOU Training Center in coordination with Social Development Office organize in order to activate the protocol signed by the AOU and The Office two years ago. The protocol aims to serve the national development plans, common objectives of the AOU and the Office, and the common interest of the society.