AOU Training Center organizes Improving Awareness and Emotional Intelligence workshop

improving awarenessandemotional
The Arab Open University Training Center organized a workshop entitled (Improving Awareness and Emotional Intelligence) during 17-18, May 2016 for the employees of the University. Dr. Anwar Al-Harbi conducted the workshop, which aimed to develop and promote work performance. The workshop addressed several topics such as the definition of self-management, self-awareness, self-motivation and empathy. In addition, Al-Harbi said this workshop aimed to train the participants how to understand, use and manage emotions and how to verbally and non-verbally communicate with others. He also talked about the benefits of emotional intelligence, the relationship between emotional intelligence to the workplace and how to effectively impact others. At the end of the workshop, certificates were given to the participants, who commended the workshop that had a great value.


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