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Welcome to the Quality Assurance & Accreditation Department (QAAD)

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The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department is the central body that implements, monitors and oversees both the academic
and   administrative  quality  assurance  systems and  practices at HQ and  Branch  level.  The QAAD  is  invested  with  investigative
powers  to scrutinize  and  report  into matters  that  may  compromise the  quality of services or violate the University’s  policies  and
bylaws both at the HQ and branch level.

Quality Assurance at webpage is intended to provide information on the quality assurance framework, structures and policies of Arab
Open University.

QAA measures are applicable  to all of the University’s  branches and is governed by the Open University bylaws and regulations.

Compliance is assessed  through the annual monitoring process. The branches are required to manage their provision in  compliance
with the relevant QAA code and AOU Quality Assurance Framework.  


Employing  best  quality assurance  measures  to ensure  highest quality of education at AOU that is compatible and  competitive  with
international standards.

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To endeavor for the achievement of the highest possible international standards of education and research at AOU by:

a) Developing and implementing QA policies and procedures effectively

b) Assessing and reviewing the academic & nonacademic processes

c) Taking measures for the enhancement of the quality of education & research

d) Collaboration with national and international QA bodies

Quality Assurance & Enhancement Mechanisms

The notion of quality underpinning the framework adopted by AOU is of fit for purpose. The quality assurance systems and mechanisms ensure that its approaches objectively review, monitor and reflect on the efficacy and relevance of the Programmes structure and the relevant teaching and learning provisions. The Quality Assurance system ensures that the teaching and learning environment and University’s overall provision are fit for purpose. The quality assurance systems apply to all Branches and Faculties and to both academic and support staff through and cuts across the socio-political settings within which they operate. The Arab Open University’s quality assurance systems and mechanisms can be classified as internal and external quality assurance.

Internal Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Internal quality assurance mechanisms are continuous and shall be consistent with the quality assurance framework set forth in the University policies and shall include mechanisms to assess the following areas:

• Quality of programmes and courses

• Quality of academic provisions

• Quality of academic staff

• Quality of teaching and learning experience

• Quality of student assessment: Internal moderation

• Quality of administrative and infrastructural support services

• Quality of resources and facilities

• Quality of research and community service

Regular internal reviews are conducted to ensure that the Quality Assurance strategy is implemented. Through the University Council and Central Quality Assurance Committee, AOU determines and approves any additional quality management frameworks for all Branches and

Faculties that may be deemed necessary.

External Quality Assurance and Enhancement

External Quality Assurance and Enhancement mechanisms are usually based on the internal quality assurance measures and mechanisms (self-evaluation and internal monitoring procedures), to ensure that high quality standards are maintained. The following external mechanisms are periodically utilized:

• External Examiners

• Validation and Accreditation through CICP

• External Professional bodies in the Branch countries

• Local accreditation bodies in the Branch countries

• Employer and graduate feedback

QA Strategy

The quality assurance strategy is a statement of the University’s commitment to assuring quality of its services to students and staff. It is in congruence with the larger institutional strategic plan that places pronounced emphasis on increasing partnership opportunities with other external stakeholders, in widening the learning and teaching opportunities for staff and students. It provides goals and objectives for implementing the University Quality Assurance Policies and comprises systems and mechanisms that contribute to quality enhancement.

Strategic Aims:

• To develop a robust Quality Assurance system governing the operational academic and administrative functions of AOU.

• To enable the University to achieve the necessary local, CICP and any other international accreditation for all its branches

• To ensure consistency of operation in the implementation of University Rules and Regulations and maintenance of AOU standards across all branches.

• To support those faculty initiatives which are likely to enhance academic standards, student learning experience and staff development.

• To assure that AOU student support strategy is fully implemented.

• To develop AOU’s course materials and introduce new programs that are responsive to the local market needs and constructively contribute to existing course resources.

• To develop internal procedures for periodic peer review, courses / programme review and internal self –assessment processes.

• To establish professional links with regional and international quality assurance agencies so as to incorporate internationally accepted QA standards.

• To revisit the structure and responsibilities of the University committees at both strategic and branch level with a view to developing effective implementation strategies.


AOU has been an active player in the field of assuring and enhancing the quality of education, since its inception. AOU got the membership of:

Association of Quality Assurance Agencies of the Islamic World   12

Director of Quality Assurance & Accreditation Memberships

AOU Administration has a strong focus and resolve to bring all administrative, management and academic activities in the compass of quality assurance. In order to include her opinion in the formation and implementation of various AOU policies, Director Quality Assurance & Accreditation Department is a member in following Committees at AOU:

1. Central Quality Assurance Committee (CQAC)
2. University Council
3. Academic Committee
4. Deans’ Group
5. Central Examination Committee
6. Faculty Examination Committee

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