Quality Assurance Department

QA Strategy

The quality assurance strategy is a statement of the University’s commitment to assuring quality of its services to students and staff. It is in congruence with the larger institutional strategic plan that places pronounced emphasis on increasing partnership opportunities with other external stakeholders, in widening the learning and teaching opportunities for staff and students. It provides goals and objectives for implementing the University Quality Assurance Policies and comprises systems and mechanisms that contribute to quality enhancement.

Strategic Aims:

• To develop a robust Quality Assurance system governing the operational academic and administrative functions of AOU.

• To enable the University to achieve the necessary local, CICP and any other international accreditation for all its branches

• To ensure consistency of operation in the implementation of University Rules and Regulations and maintenance of AOU standards across all branches.

• To support those faculty initiatives which are likely to enhance academic standards, student learning experience and staff development.

• To assure that AOU student support strategy is fully implemented.

• To develop AOU’s course materials and introduce new programs that are responsive to the local market needs and constructively contribute to existing course resources.

• To develop internal procedures for periodic peer review, courses / programme review and internal self –assessment processes.

• To establish professional links with regional and international quality assurance agencies so as to incorporate internationally accepted QA standards.

• To revisit the structure and responsibilities of the University committees at both strategic and branch level with a view to developing effective implementation strategies.