Goals & Core Values

  1. Offer quality learning packages across the linguistic, literary and cultural domains of the target world languages which FLS is espousing.
  2. Provide opportunities for relevant and effective growth to all individuals – irrespective of age and background – seeking to improve and master the various language, communication, literary, cultural and analytical skills pertaining to the languages they choose to specialize in.
  3. Diversify and update the tracks offered within any single language specialisation, enabling students to concentrate on and choose from not only areas within the target  language itself but also the related fields, such as translation, mass-communication,  tourism, journalistic writing, etc.
  4. Conduct original research across the major disciplines offered within FLS in line with   the best international standards, with the aim of improving learning in the FLS programmes on the one hand and advancing knowledge on the other.
  5. Attract the most committed and qualified tutors, those who are competent in the various methods of blended learning and who act as active facilitators to student-centered learning.
  6. Build solid, two-way bridges with a host of institutions concerned with language, literature, and culture within the communities in which the FLS branches function.
  7. Enhance regional and international collaboration with faculties of similar vision, mission and goals.

Core Values

  1. Respecting diversity in admitting students and in hiring tutors.
  2. Encouraging innovation and excellence.
  3. Prioritising independent learning, especially at the on-line level.
  4. Highlighting the contribution of the Arab-Islamic nation in language, linguistics, literature and culture.
  5. Understanding and appreciating global contributions within the spheres espoused by FLS.
  6. Empowering students through confidence-building, measures and tools, and enabling them to progress.
  7. Continually revising study plans and assessment methods for the improvement of learning.
  8. Actively seeking out compatible and outstanding regional and international partners.
  9. Promoting cross-cultural understanding and respect.