Vision, Mission & Goals


The Deanship looks forward to reaching for excellent level by its freshmen through the general courses that it offers in accordance with the accredited academic standards.


The Deanship is committed to provide students with the necessary skills in self-learning and develop their cultural and linguistic level in order to empower them to pursue their higher education successfully.

General Objectives:

  1. Providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to continue with their specialized courses.
  2. Empowering students with general knowledge, which allows their professional and technical specializations to have additional knowledge-based and humanitarian dimensions, which enhance their level of awareness.
  3. Providing students with the cultural, developmental, and social dimensions of their Arab societies.

To achieve this mission, the goals of the deanship are as follows:
1. Developing specialized staff in education by equipping our students with the knowledge and scientific and practical skills that are in accordance with modern, educational methods in the relevant fields
2. Expanding academic programs on the undergraduate and graduate levels
3. Valuing elements of creativity, intellectual that are parallel to modern developments
4. Ensuring freedom, and professional growth for faculty and students
5. Working hard to attract outstanding students.
6. Contributing to the advancement of curriculum development and educational reform through continuous development and evaluation of programs offered, as well as conducting theoretical and applied research in this field.
7. Developing the abilities and skills of the faculty and administrative members.
8. Promoting the communication skills for students and helping them acquire critical thinking and problem solving skills.
9. Adopting projects and partnerships with higher education and local community institutions.
10. Incorporating teaching methods that use the latest technological innovations and teaching aids in the teaching-learning process.